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The HSI fits in any golf hole and is flush with the green. The markings around the HSI bubble indicate the high and low points of the hole and degrees of slope. Rotate the HSI until the bubble hits the 12 o’clock crosshair.

Once you mark the key points with the included markers, remove the HSI and begin practicing.

Start by putting at the 6 o’clock position. This is a straight uphill putt and will help you gauge if your putting stroke is proper. A missed putt to the right or left indicates a problem at impact — not the break of the green.

Begin putting “around the clock” at all positions. This allows you to correctly judge the break of the green at the most critical point of the ball’s path — and help you aim at the proper quadrant of the hole.

What is the Hole Slope Indicator?

The Hole Slope Indicator is a small, portable device that rests in and around the rim of any regulation golf hole. The key feature is a precision inclinometer “bubble” placed in the center of the hole to accurately indicate the degree and direction of slope. This identifies the “fall line,” where gravitational pull has the greatest effect on the ball — as it slows near the hole.

In the center of the HSI are “crosshair” markings, and circles identifying the degrees of slope based on position of the bubble. The bubble always floats to the highest point around the hole. For example, if the bubble is in the center, there is a 0-degree of slope — the putting surface is perfectly flat. If the bubble comes to rest at the 2-degree circle, then there is a 2-degree slope.

Outside the center are markings to help you clearly identify and mark the key positions of the hole. Simply follow the easy Precision Practice System and you’re ready to begin improving your putting!

    HSI Product Features:

  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Water proof
  • Carry in golf bag or pocket

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