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You can master the art of reading the green

As all golfers know, reading the green and identifying the slope is one of the most challenging aspects of golf. You can have the perfect putting stroke, but if you don’t choose the proper line to the hole, you will miss every time. And missing putts can devastate scores and handicaps. Putting accounts for over 40% of strokes in a typical 18-hole round of golf! Unlike average golfers, putters with exceptional ability putt with their eyes.

The Clockworx™ Putting Hole Slope Indicator (HSI) is designed to provide an absolute reference for efficient and meaningful practice. You will train your eye to “see the hole like a pro.” Once you begin training with the HSI and the exclusive Precision Practice System, you will be able to:

  • See the high point and low point of the hole
  • Accurately identify the degree of slope
  • Immediately recognize the correct alignment of the putter face and the stroke path
  • Have a point of reference for reading the rest of the green